February 28,2024

About Us

The concept of health and safety is considered one of the modern concepts that appeared with the industrial renaissance. With our wide experience in the field, we have initiated to bring out a monthly magazine known as “Health and Safety”. The initiative was launched by Dar Al-Mubadara for Press, Publishing, Advertisement and Distribution.

Health and Safety magazine, offers comprehensive coverage of occupational safety news and analysis of industry trends, health education, labor injuries, health and safety, vocational institutes, first aid, vocational and family health and safety, school health and safety, psychic and physical health, balanced diet, slimness, sports, and many other important topics.
Health and Safety magazine About

Health and safety are vital parts of every aspect in life. Through this publication, we aim to create a quantum leap in the awareness on all different frameworks and various details of health and safety and increase the social education for the protection of people from the injuries emerging from the hazards of the workplace.

It targets the following social groups:

This publication was started with an objective to train and qualify people to empower them in the details of what is going around them and will enable them to acquire the necessary skills to maintain their health and safety.

It is hoped that this magazine will play an important role and is considered to be an important and valuable addition media and publicity. This specialized magazine is targeting a particular group of people, creating a culture and raising awareness on the importance of health and safety.