September 29,2023

RAO, British Forces execute tactical demonstration ‘Mountain Storm’ in Musandam

RAO, British Forces execute tactical demonstration ‘Mountain Storm’ in Musandam

Musandam: The Royal Army of Oman (RAO), represented by the Musandam Security Force and the Sultan of Oman Parachutes (SOP), executed the Omani-British joint exercise (Mountain Storm) with the participation of British Royal Army units under the auspices of Maj Gen Matar bin Salem al Balushi, RAO Commander.

The joint training exercise took place at RAO the Mountain Areas Combat Training Unit in the Governorate of Musandam, where the Omani-British participating forces carried out the desired plans, in order to achieve the training objectives envisaged by the exercise activities, during which the participants showed a high level of performance and spirit.

The implementation of such exercises comes within the framework of the RAO training plan to maintain the high level of performance, training and combat efficiency among RAO personnel, as well as within the annual programmes implemented by the RAO with the friendly countries.

The joint Omani-British exercise was attended by Brig Naseer bin Nasser al Jamoudi, Commander of the Musandam Sector, Brig Simon Graham of the Royal British Forces, and a number of senior officers and officers from both sides.

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