February 28,2024

Arab Training and Safety Company celebrates the National Day for the passage of 48 years

Arab Training and Safety Company celebrates the National Day for the passage of 48 years

The Arab Company for Training and Safety celebrated the 48th National Day at the company’s headquarters in Gala, expressing the joy and pleasure of this precious occasion for every Omani and resident on this good land. The company’s headquarters and all its branches are decorated with joy, expressing the joy of the country and its achievements under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

The ceremony included a wide variety of expressions of joy among the employees of the company. The Chairman of the Board, Mr. Saeed Bin Nasser Al-Junaibi, delivered a speech on this precious occasion, asking the Almighty to grant our leader health and wellness and to enjoy our homeland security and safety. He also urged his staff to continue their efforts to serve this dear country and to improve their performance in their work in the company.And the paragraphs of the ceremony followed by showing what the hearts of the crews in the company had a lot of purely patriotic feelings. Where the quality officer at the company Salim Al Hashmi, delivered a national poem expressing his pride and sincerity to his dear homeland and the builder of the Omani blessed Renaissance.

Firas Al-Hayali also presented an exercise that reflected the sensitivity of body language, and a theoretical and practical explanation of sensory and auditory characters. The ceremony included the presentation of a comedy play, which was represented by: Yousef Al-Tubi, Director of Training and Trainer Issa Al-Surhi. The ceremony concluded with a prayer to God Almighty to keep Oman safe and secure, and to take care of its Sultan and provide him with health and wellness.

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